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Peaceful morning this morning, Your Excellency. It’s a beautiful Friday morning in the city of Lagos, the 5th largest economy in Africa. Thank God It’s Friday.

Why are you not happy? Maybe it’s because you keep postponing your happiness consciously or unconsciously. Can we be happier? Yes, of course we can. Happiness is a state of mind. Happiness is a choice and you can make the right CHOICE to be happy RIGHT now.

Most times, people are unhappy because they make their happiness to depend on what others can do for them or what they aspire to have in the future. They will say ; when I finally marry I will be happy or when I buy a new car I will be filled with joy or when my boss give me the promotion I won’t be sad anymore….. and their happiness is in perpetual wait to a condition in the future that do not really exist. Hmmm….

Do you really want to be happy RIGHT now? Here are some recommendations I apply to stay happy

1. Be grateful: Always show gratitude for all the blessings in your life, especially those little blessings many people often overlook, like urinating peacefully.

2. Stop comparing yourself with others. Just be yourself and compete with your last performance. Stop this stress pattern of competing unnecessary with people who don’t even care about you.

3. Share happiness. Whatever you are doing that add value to people and make them feel better and get better please keep doing it. This is why I keep sending this broadcast to people because of the amazing feedbacks I receive on a regular basis about the positive impact it’s making in people’s life. You know, this is a FREE service ooooo.

Always remember that happiness is an inside job and you can be HAPPY RIGHT NOW.

What are the other ways you keep making yourself happy? Kindly share it with me so that I can learn your strategy.

Many thanks for reading.


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