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The Major Key To Your Brighter Future Is YOU


Undiluted Faith

Unrelentless Effort

I always thought before that as I move up the ladder of success, the easier life would become. GUESS what! I was damn wrong…

I have learned from first hand experience that the higher I climb this ladder of life the greater my responsibilities, the more challenging the journey.

But the good news is I can also become better on a daily basis. So, my motto is everyday in every way I am getting better and better.

Regardless of how great your life is currently, there is room for improvement. Regardless of the challenges you are facing right now you can turn things around. You can become a masterpiece.

My name is Sesan Kareem, I was originally trained as a pharmacist. During my undergraduate days I discovered my gift of helping individuals become better and achieve lasting results. For over 12 years, I have been committed to this calling. I have studied hundreds of books, thousands of articles, attended various seminars, learned from the feet of various successful people who have mentored me, listened to wise teachers and spent millions of naira from my hard earned income to acquire deep knowledge, true understanding and applied these principles in my personal, professional and social life.

In the last 10 years I have authored 7 books on personal development, trained big, large, medium and small organizations in various industries on personal effectiveness, productivity, performance, sales, stress management and healthy living. I have coached people from various walks of life on public speaking, emotional mastery, personal growth, entrepreneurship and organizational growth. My office is full of awards of excellence, recognition and appreciation. However, my heart is filled with immense joy for the lives I have inspired to become blessings to others.

I have been featured on Channels TV, TVC, Ben TV UK, MITV, LTV, OGTV, Core TV, Star FM, Eko FM, Classic FM, Rainbow FM, Inspiration FM, The Nations, Daily Trust, Nigerian Tribune, The Dawn, among others.

What I do is to help individuals and organisations have fast tempo for action and a bias for lasting result.

My job is to help you achieve a balanced life filled with achievements and happiness.

I am offering 1 day whatzapp masterclass for 50 people ONLY. This class will come up November 16, 2019 by 8pm.

In this class you will learn

1. Why your emotions determine your motions.

2. How to master your emotions in order to experience peace of mind, true happiness and unconditional self-love.

3. How to develop your gifts on a daily basis.

4. How to set smart goals and crush them.

5. How to take personal responsibility for the quality of your life.

Immediately you register for this course, you will receive

1. My E-book, “Life Is Short But Its really worth it” which worth N6,480 on Amazon (You can check the book out through this link,

2. My belief shaping tool, “20 limiting beliefs that are preventing you from succeeding optimally in ALL areas of your life” worth N5,000

3. 10% discount on any of my upcoming seminars.

So, this whatzapp class cost N2,000. Yes, I didn’t make mistake, it costs N2,000

100% Money back guarantee:

If you are not satisfied with the knowledge you receive after the first day of the WhatsApp class, we will pay you your money back 100%. No story (As long as you are part of the class from the very first moment and you participate in the training process)

P.S. This is not a get rich quick masterclass or a motivational session that pumps you up. This is for those who are very serious about moving up to their next level of achievements and fulfilment and are ready to take action towards it.

Listen to what people say about Sesan Kareem

Sesan is a blessing to this generation- Mr. Yomi Opakunle, Veteran Journalist and MD, Double Xclusive Prints

Sesan life is a message to all of us, that we should not just talk, that we can do, that we can impact the society – Mr. Opeyemi Agbaje, CEO RTC Advisory Services Ltd

This offer ends October 14, 2019. Registration after that costs N5,000.

See some of the feedbacks from October class

Make payment to
Mareek Image Concepts
Stanbic IBTC Bank: 0014675451 and send us your details to +2348072983163 with your WhatsApp number.

For any enquiry, contact +2348072983163.

Yours Truly
Sesan Kareem

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